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Studding artwork

A Handmade Paper Video Game by State of Play

Stunning Music Video for Nils Frahm’s ‘Re’

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Go Buy ART!

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8-Bit Watercolor

Adam Lister is doing bits of awesome! Images and story here

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Antikythera mechanism older than thought

It appears that the Antikythera mechanism is older than thought and may not be the work of Archimedes, after all. Hmm...

Many have speculated that the Greek mathematician Archimedes was responsible for the device, but new analysis recently published in the Archive for History of Exact Sciences by Dr. Christián C. Carman at the National University of Quilmes and Dr. James Evans of the University of Puget Sound suggests that the calendar of the mechanism began in 205 B.C., which is 50 to 100 years earlier than previously thought. This timing suggests that Archimedes is less likely to be the creator of the mechanism, leaving the mystery of the creator wide open.
via Laughing Squid. Of course we can't forget the awesome LEGO reproduction, as well

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Handmade Reclaimed Wood Desk

Here's the handmade desk I built from reclaimed wood from Detroit. The 2x4s were from a house carefully deconstructed on Cadillac street, and resold via Reclaim Detroit. I'm going to start custom making these and selling them on in the store section.

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An Illustrated History of Mac OS X

Being such a huge Mac fan, I just can't resist posting a link to this...

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