Plant Details: Lavender

Plant Detail



  • Full Sunlight Sun:
  • 28 - 42 days Germination
  • 144 days Harvest Length:
  • When to Plant?
  • 1/4" Seed Depth:
  • 18 - 24 " Plant Spacing:
  • Moderate Water Req:

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Known for its relaxing properties, Lavender is highly prized for its amazing fragrance and medicinal purposes. Lavender likes to be in full sun with well draining, slightly alkaline soil and is hardy to Zone 5. Use sterile, well-draining potting mix when planting and do not bury seed. Will not tolerate poor drainage, full shade or high humidity. Press seed into soil surface and keep moist (but not soggy). Seeds can take 4-6 weeks to germinate, but may germinate faster if scarified with sandpaper.

General Lavender Notes

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