Plant Details: Parsley

Plant Detail


  Triple Curled Parsley

  • Full Sunlight Sun:
  • 24 days Germination
  • 80 days Harvest Length:
  • When to Plant?
  • 1/2" Seed Depth:
  • 9 - 12 " Plant Spacing:
  • Moderate Water Req:

Recent Plantings

A kitchen standard, Curled Parsley is terrific in just about any dish. In early spring, prepare parsley seeds for planting by placing them in the refrigerator for three days, then soaking them overnight in room temperature water. Plant seeds 1/4" deep in moistened, well-drained, potting soil.

Keep seedling trays in a warm, dark, location while seeds are germinating. Transplant when seedlings are 3" tall, allowing 12-18" spacing between plants.

General Parsley Notes

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