Plant Details: Poblano Pepper

Plant Detail

Poblano Pepper

  Capsicum Annuum

  • Full Sunlight Sun:
  • 14 days Germination
  • 65 days Harvest Length:
  • Mar, Apr, May When to Plant?
  • 1/4" Seed Depth:
  • 12 " Plant Spacing:
  • Moderate Water Req:

Recent Plantings

Poblano peppers are a delicious gardening option. Their heat level is more sizzle than scorching, measuring half the heat of the mildest jalapeño pepper. It’s very family-friendly, and an excellent chili for stuffed pepper recipes. Let’s jump into what you need to know when growing poblano peppers in your garden.

Scoville heat units: Poblano peppers have a 1,000-1,500 SHU rating on the Scoville scale.

General Poblano Pepper Notes

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