Plant Details: Red Bell Pepper

Plant Detail

Red Bell Pepper

  Red Bull Bell Pepper

  • Full Sunlight Sun:
  • 8-25 days Germination
  • 62 days Harvest Length:
  • Apr, May, Jun When to Plant?
  • 1/4" Seed Depth:
  • 18 - 24 " Plant Spacing:
  • Moderate Water Req:


Plant Bell Peppers: Start bell pepper seeds indoors in cell packs or flats, 8 weeks before the last anticipated frost. At 70-90°F., germination is in 8-25 days.

Keep pepper seedlings in a bright light and in temperatures of at least 70°F. until ready to transplant. When garden soil has warmed to at least 60°F., transplant into the garden 18-24 in. apart.

Harvest Bell Peppers: Use a small sharp knife or scissors to cut peppers instead of pulling them off, which can cause damage to the plant.

General Red Bell Pepper Notes

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